The Beer List

  • Pumpkin Oktoberfest

    A true Oktoberfest malt combination made with an abundance of pumpkin. Mildly spiced for the holiday season. (Seasonal-Fall) 4.5 ABV | 25 IBU  On Tap Now in the Brewery

  • Farmer’s Daughter Blonde

    Pale gold in color from the combination of Pale and Wheat malts. This beer flirts with bitterness but does not commit, flaunts a subdued fruitiness and delicate malty taste. Everybody loves the girl next door; start off by introducing her to your palate. 5.1 ABV | 17 IBU  On Tap in the Brewery

  • Barn Stormer Double IPA

    Hazy IPA hopped with Cascade, Chinook, Centential, Mosiac, and Columbus. 7.8ABV/ 78 IBU On Tap in the Brewery

  • Suicide Blonde

    This White IPA is a lunatic hybrid – part classic Belgian Wit and part dry – hopped IPA. Riding on the edge with the addition of Amarillo and Topaz and blasted with orange peel and coriander. This beer turns on a dime and slaps you with hops straight to the kisser. 6.5 ABV | 35 IBU On Tap in the Brewery

  • Pitchfork Pale Ale

    Beautifully balanced, crisp with pleasant grapefruit notes. Everything you always expected in a premium pale ale. 5.6 ABV Seasonal availability.  On Tap in the Brewery

  • Lunatic Fringe

    This Belgian IPA is infused with fresh Habanero. It imparts just the right balance to delight the senses. 6.5 ABV | 35 IBU  On Tap in the Brewery

  • Lil' Red

    High drinkability and amber in color with the characteristics of a light English ale.5.8 ABV | 19 IBU  On Tap in the Brewery

  • Carroll Creek Cherry Wheat

    This is a crisp wheat beer with the subtle fruitiness of cherries. it is a perfect summer beer; refreshing and light with a mellow, smooth finish. On Tap in the Brewery

  • Honey Rye

    Take your senses to their happy place. Pale, Munich and Rye malts create a beautiful golden color with a touch of spice. Additions of pure honey create a sweet floral aroma. 5.8 ABV | 18 IBU  On Tap in the Brewery

  • Kryptonite Gose

    An agave/lime gose brewed with fresh pressed limes. With subtle after-notes of salt, it will delight your senses. 5.2 ABV On Tap in the Brewery

  • Strawberry Rhubarb Gose

    German-style sour with tart and fruity notes of strawberry-rhubarb and the after notes of salt. 5.2 ABV. Limited availability. On Tap in the Brewery

  • Tropical Heat

    Porter infused with coconut and a touch of habanero. 4.9 ABV | 25 IBU

  • Lights Out Oatmeal Nitro Stout

    Creamy, Smooth, and Roasty chocolate finish.  5.4 ABV | 26 IBU On Tap in the Brewery

  • Vanilla Porter

    Chocolate, black and caramel malts engulf your taste buds with a silky-smooth mouth feel and a bold natural Madagascar vanilla punch. A perfect ending to a hard day's work. 4.7 ABV | 25 IBU  On Tap in the Brewery

  • Grinder Espresso Stout

    Our chocolate stout blended with Columbian coffee.  Rich, bold flavor. (Limited Release) 5.4 ABV | 26 IBU  On Tap in the Brewery

  • Hard Cider- Apple, Ginger, Raspberry, and Cinnamon

    Hard Cider made from fresh local ingredients.  Available in Apple, Raspberry, Cinnamon and Ginger   4.5 ABV Apple, Raspberry, Thai Basil Coconut, Cabernet Ciders on Tap in the Brewery

  • Temper Tantrum Sours

    Our kettle sour ales are brewed with real blackberry, peach, strawberry, and raspberry. Light and refreshing sour brews with sweet notes of fruit. 5.2 ABV

  • Solstice Stout

    This is a full-bodied Russian Imperial Stout with roasted chocolate and burnt malt flavors. Everything the Queen of Russia always wanted. 8.1 ABV | 25 IBU

  • Apricot Hopnosis

    This seasonal release IPA is brewed with real apricot. 6.1 ABV | 46 IBU Seasonal availability.

  • Coconut Porter

    Our classic porter with delicious coconut, straight from the islands. 4.7 ABV | 25 IBU Seasonal availability.