The Beer List

  • Blueberry Wheat

    Traditional wheat ale with notes of blueberry. 5.4 ABV | 10 IBU On Tap now in the Brewery.

  • Farmer’s Daughter Blonde

    Pale gold in color from the combination of Pale and Wheat malts. This beer flirts with bitterness but does not commit, flaunts a subdued fruitiness and delicate malty taste. Everybody loves the girl next door; start off by introducing her to your palate. 5.1 ABV | 17 IBU  On Tap in the Brewery

  • Lil' Red

    High drinkability and amber in color with the characteristics of a light English ale.5.8 ABV | 19 IBU  On Tap in the Brewery

  • Honey Rye

    Take your senses to their happy place. Pale, Munich and Rye malts create a beautiful golden color with a touch of spice. Additions of pure honey create a sweet floral aroma. 5.8 ABV | 18 IBU  On Tap in the Brewery

  • Lemon Drop Pale Ale

    An easy-going pale ale brewed with a hint of lemon. Everything you always expected in a premium pale ale. 5.6 ABV Seasonal availability. 

  • Suicide Blonde

    This White IPA is a lunatic hybrid – part classic Belgian Wit and part dry – hopped IPA. Riding on the edge with the addition of Amarillo and Topaz and blasted with orange peel and coriander. This beer turns on a dime and slaps you with hops straight to the kisser. 6.5 ABV | 35 IBU On Tap in the Brewery

  • Barn Stormer Double IPA

    Hazy IPA hopped with Cascade, Chinook, Centential, Mosiac, and Columbus. 7.8ABV/ 78 IBU On Tap in the Brewery

  • Strawberry Rhubarb Gose

    German-style sour with tart and fruity notes of strawberry-rhubarb and the after notes of salt. 5.2 ABV. Limited availability. On Tap now in the Brewery.

  • Kryptonite Agave Lime Gose

    An agave/lime gose brewed with fresh pressed limes. With subtle after-notes of salt, it will delight your senses. 5.2 ABV.   

  • Pumpkin Ale

    A true Oktoberfest malt combination made with an abundance of pumpkin. Mildly spiced for the holiday season. (Seasonal-Fall) 4.5 ABV | 25 IBU  On Tap Now in the Brewery

  • Lights Out Nitro Stout

    Creamy, Smooth, and Roasty chocolate finish.  5.4 ABV | 26 IBU On Tap in the Brewery

  • Vanilla Porter

    Chocolate, black and caramel malts engulf your taste buds with a silky-smooth mouth feel and a bold natural Madagascar vanilla punch. A perfect ending to a hard day's work. 4.7 ABV | 25 IBU  On Tap in the Brewery

  • Grinder Espresso Stout

    Our chocolate stout blended with Columbian coffee.  Rich, bold flavor. (Limited Release) 5.4 ABV | 26 IBU On Tap in the Brewery.

  • Cranberry Hard Cider

    LIMITED EDITION RELEASE- Hard Cider infused with cranberry.

  • Raspberry Cider

    Hard Cider made from fresh local ingredients. Available in Apple and Raspberry. 5.5 ABV. On Tap now in the Brewery.

  • Lunatic Fringe

    This Belgian IPA is infused with fresh Habanero. It imparts just the right balance to delight the senses. 6.5 ABV | 35 IBU  

  • Barrel Aged Solstice Stout

    Our Russian Imperial Stout, aged in Bourbon Barrels.  11 ABV (LIMITED RELEASE) 

  • Temper Tantrum Sours

    Are you craving something sweet and tart yet light and refreshing? Don't throw a fit....Meet the Red Shedman family of "Temper Tantrum" kettle sour ales brewed with real blackberry, peach, strawberry, and raspberry. Light and refreshing sour brews with sweet notes of fruit. 5.2 ABV  

  • Solstice Stout

    This is a full-bodied Russian Imperial Stout with roasted chocolate and burnt malt flavors. Everything the Queen of Russia always wanted. 8.1 ABV | 25 IBU

  • Honey Bourbon

    Indulge in our  Bourbon Barrel Aged Honey Rye. A golden beer with the sweetness of honey nectar interlaced with the smooth background of Bourbon Reserve. (Limited Release) 9.0 ABV | 26 IBU

  • Coconut Porter

    Our classic porter with delicious coconut, straight from the islands. 4.7 ABV | 25 IBU Seasonal availability.