Red Shedman Bourbon Barrel Aged Beers

December 18th we are releasing our second bourbon-barrel-aged (BBA) Red Shedman Beer!

Our BBA line is called Chattanooga Pulverizer in observation of our Hop Yard’s previous function as a farm, on which we still have antique farming equipment. We are working on creating a small line-up of limited release BBA beers available for purchase in our tap house. It is our goal to produce enough to distribute limited quantities to a handful of bars, restaurants and liquor stores within the coming year.

Our first beer in this line, BBA Pulverizer Stout, was released Thanksgiving Day week 2014 and is a full-bodied beer comprised of complex flavors, higher alcohol content and a nice balance between malt and hops. Pulverizer Stout is aged in Smith Bowman bourbon barrels for 2 months creating a delightfully smooth beer with oak, bourbon, and cherry notes. It’s served with a chocolate covered cherry in the bottom of your glass for a perfect complimentary finish.

Our second release, BBA Pulverizer Honey Rye is coming to you December 18th, 2014. Bring a growler of this amazing beer with you to share with friends and family members. This full bodied beer is amber in color with a balanced profile of hops, malts and bourbon. BBA Pulverizer Honey Rye is aged in Smith Bowman bourbon barrels for 3 months creating a distinct oak nose and flavor, with bourbon notes and a deliciously smooth vanilla background. Don’t let the honey fool you, there is nothing sweet about this savory beer.

Look for our next limited release in the coming months as we continue to achieve our goal and mission to you, Maryland.  “Our goal is to bring you the best craft beer in the state of Maryland. Come put us to the test.” Vic Aellen.

BBA Honey Rye Chattanooga Pulverizer

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