Story of Red Shedman

Let us take you back 50 or so years ago:

It was a typical January evening; dark, cold and windy. The young Aellen children were all in their rooms for the night. Snow was blowing from everywhere. You could hear the wind howling through the eaves.

One of the older children heard a slight tapping sound coming from the bathroom. As the evening progressed, the tapping became more noticeable and being startled by the noise, he alerted his siblings. As the sound grew louder the children felt that surely a burglar was trying to break into the house. In their frightened state, they convinced their parents to call the police to investigate the mysterious sound.

The police arrived quickly. After briefly interviewing the children’s parents, they proceeded to perform a perimeter search. The police concluded their search and having found no footprints anywhere determined no intruder had been present.

The children’s father assured them that they were safe and sent them back to bed. The children were not so easily convinced. At breakfast the next morning, their father tried to explain the sound was merely winter’s fury. To have a bit of fun with the kids, he personified the noise. And so The Red Shedman was born; a mysterious person who resided in the family’s red shed. For years afterward, any time something would go bump in the night, their father joked that The Red Shedman was coming.

The children are now grown and the red shed has long since been torn down.  Every once in a while, on a cold blustery night, when the wind is howling, they wonder if The Red Shedman is still lurking in the shadows.

This beer is dedicated to Jack Aellen- our beloved Father.

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