Two New Seasonal Brews


Now available for a limited time! Two seasonal brews!
Chattanooga Pulverizer Stout has been aging in Smith Bowman Bourbon Barrels since the end of summer/early autumn months awaiting your taste buds. The Bourbon Barrel aging of our Hogs’ Hollow Stout leads to delicate vanilla and cherry notes. You can expect a hint of oak from the barrels creating a balanced dark brew for your enjoyment during the cooler months.
7.0 ABV | 26 IBU

Our Red Shedman Espresso Stout is the alcoholic equivalent to sipping on an iced coffee. This incredible Espresso Stout is made with whole Espresso Coffee Beans cold steeped in our Hogs’ Hollow Stout. It is the best of both worlds, your coffee fix with a perfectly hand crafted chocolate stout to aid in a smooth finish.

7.0 ABV  |  26 IBU

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