Meet Our Brewmaster


After graduating with a Bachelor’s from the University of Maryland and a Master’s at George Mason University, Victor Aellen entered the working world and spent fourteen years in the chemical industry and sixteen years in financial services.

A few years back the opportunity presented itself and allowed Vic to train with two of the best brewers in Grand Rapids, Michigan (Beer City, USA). Shortly thereafter, he had an opportunity to become the head brewer at a small brewpub outside the city and created a following for many of the fine craft signature ales that are still on tap today.

Over a period of time marrying a brewery to the highly successful family wine business seemed to be the perfect storm. Vic moved back to Maryland in the spring of 2014 to start Red Shedman Farm Brewery & Hop Yard.

We strive to give you the highest quality of craft beers in the state. Come put us to the test!